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Our vehicle diagnostics service center has been operational since 2004, trusted by the Buckeystown, MD community for the past 17 years, we’ve come to adapt and also grow into the ever-changing vehicle diagnostics industry and have taken time to master the most common vehicle problems to make sure we understand exactly what’s happening with your vehicle and act appropriately.

We at Nelcars are dedicated to delivering quality and affordable vehicle diagnostics services to all our customers within the Buckeystown and Buckeystown community.

What Does the Light on my Dashboard Mean?

When your check engine light is illuminated, this means the onboard computer system in your vehicle has detected a haul or service needs with one of the major systems that it monitor and control your vehicle, like your engine or transmission.

As a result, we propose our vehicle diagnostic expertice to let you have a comprehensive prediction of the status of your vehicle. Nelcar’s Computer Diagnostics services make use of cutting-edge equipment that is connected to your vehicle to look for any computer trouble codes. Once the data is retrieved from the problem code, our technicians can provide a service or repair recommendation to return your vehicle to its road-ready condition.


Something as simple as a Computer Diagnostics analysis enables our professionals to spot most internal vehicle issues. We are able read and diagnose your warning light Signs, check engine signs, ‘tap-head’ signs.

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