Is Synthetic Oil Worth it?

Is Synthetic Oil Worth it? You may ask yourself, Do I REALLY need a Synthetic Oil Change? The short answer to this is yes, Synthetic Oil Changes and Inspections are needed if you want your car to last to its 100k Mile Service.

I bet all of us want to live to be a hundred. To get there we drink water, exercise regularly,  we get a checkup every year.

The same is true for your car to reach its 100k Mile Service. Synthetic Oil Changes are the basics for your car's maintenance, the same goes for Air Filter Replacement, Brake Repairs, and Multi-Point Inspections. Would you drink soda instead of water? Would your car prefer Conventional Oil vs Full Synthetic Oil? Do you exercise regularly or are you past due oil change? We know what is best for us to live a long happy life. Does your car deserve to get its 100k Mile Service?

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